The Chairman speaks!

The Chairman speaks!

By Nick Bradley
18th June 2012
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The Chairman speaks!...Michael "Rhino" Whitfield, Barnes RFC's Chairman

The Chairman speaks!
Michael "Rhino" Whitfield, Barnes RFC's Chairman
As I cry into my 11th pint of Guinness at being relegated from National League 2, I know I need to man up and thank a huge amount of people for this season that has just passed.
Our minis section has grown to over 200 players and this is a tribute to the 30 parent coaches, well led by Hugh Ferridge and a whole host of supporting stars.
I would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, players and minis parents I want to say thank you so much for your continued, and incredibly generous, financial support. Running a rugby club is bit like being a Eurozone finance minister and without you the club has no chance of operating as we do.
Secondly I want to thank our Captains and Coaches, led by Brett Taylor and Jamie Turner, for their delictation to the cause of Barnes RFC. Our wonderful outgoing 1st XV Captain, Gary Holmes will be sorely missed as will the retiring 2nd XV Captain Chris Brown, ably support by Coach Paul Spencer and Julius T'oo. Courtney Magg-Jones has relentlessly juggled over 80 players in the Development XV in a challenging first season whilst the Occies, ably led by Alex Riggs and Tom Sunderland, ploughed serenely on playing quality rugby whenever they wanted to. Nick Bradley, with his own unique style of motivation, signed off his second season in charge of the Vets with frustratingly few fixtures as many of our opposition either decided not to play us or just could not get a team out.
The Ladies had a better season this year led by Terri-Ann Kelly and new coach Nathan Kelly.
Off the field I also want to thank the unsung heroes that keep the club going, our Club President - Monique Bruce Copp, Dave Doonan, (Hon Sec), Robbie Orr (Sponsorship Guru) Andy Pickering (Playing Director), Ken Macrae (1st XV Manager) Zoe Rand and extended family (Clubhouse Manager and Zoe's little helpers) Jane Graham (Fixtures) Camilla Campbell Stanway (Social Sec) a whole host of physios lead by Beck Grant and, last, and certainly not least - Martin Conway, Clubman of the Year, club comedian and generally always present - he may be short of stature but he is long on love for Barnes RFC!
Enjoy the Summer and see you in August for the new season when we will come back raring to do it all again next season! Make no mistake, we will be planning furiously over the summer to make a sustained assault on National 3 with a view of getting back up to National 2 as soon as we can

Director of Rugby Brett Taylor plans for the 2012/13 season
Well this season is now over but the good news is I am already busy planning for next season in National 3 when we will be aiming to bounce back with a vengeance and we will be gunning for promotion immediately.
I have planned pre-season as a result of coaches meeting we had a month ago and pre-season will start on Tuesday July 3rd at 7.30pm
We need to continue to build on the attack and defence structures we have and gain confidence through winning and being more clinical in execution.
Pre-season training will focus on conditioning to be rugby fit. If we are 10% better conditioned across the board it will make a huge difference when we get back in National 2 - so whilst it is disappointing to have been relegated this time we have reasons to be cheerful and optimistic for next season!
Rest well over the Summer, keep yourselves fit and see you on July 3rd!

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