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Barnes 1st XV - Match centre

Tonbridge Juddians
D Riley
G Williams-Davies
Sat 17 Jan 14:00 - London & SE Division - National League 3 London & SE Full time

Top-notch defence from Juddians, ...

- whose "own goal" meant that they played almost 3/4 of the match with 14 men

Barnes secured the home team's kick-off and soon launched an up-and-under; this resulted in a line-out for Tonbridge near halfway. An error at that put them on the back foot and after some kicks were exchanged the home team were penalised at their 22 near touch. The kick took the visitors to their line-out 5 metres out. Their own unforced error attempting to set up a drive gave Juddians the second penalty; a lost opportunity. Tonbridge kicked for a line-out and after it launched an up-and-under that the visitors didn't deal with and Tonbridge got the ball and send it wide. They attacked well before the last pass was sent to a spectator. From their line-out Barnes at first kept the ball in then broke blind where they were soon turned over. Kicks were exchanged then Juddians kept the ball in hand to get a penalty at the opposition 22 which they kicked for a line-out 13 metres out. The ball was thrown to the front of the line and taken forward by the catcher before being passed to another forward who got close to the line then rolled over to get the ball touched down but the Ref. penalised him. Poor defending by Barnes at the line-out but better defence near the line and a missed opportunity by Juddians.

A good kick took the visitors nearly to half way then after the line-out they soon kicked to touch just outside the opposition 22. From their line-out Tonbridge first kept the ball in then tried a high kick which they regained before recycling twice then kicking to touch 12 metres into the other half. Now Barnes' pack kept the ball in and got a penalty that they kicked to the other 10 metre line. From this line-out they tried wider ball and after 4 recycles had a kick charged down. Tonbridge got the ball; 5 kicks resulted in a line-out for the visitors 12 metres into their opponents' half. Again Barnes sent the ball wide and advanced but an isolated player was soon turned over then Juddians kicked out on the full giving the visitors a line-out just outside the 22. Juddians stole the line-out; kicks were exchanged then after the home team recycled twice Barnes intercepted and put together a very good set of 15 phases to get a penalty 18 metres out in front of the posts after 15 minutes and fly-half Williams- Davies kicked the points.

The visitors secured the restart then soon kicked into the other half. Tonbridge ran the ball back strongly to get a penalty at the 22 near touch. They went for the 3 points but the kick went wide. After the 22 drop-out Juddians launched a very high kick and regained from it. They recycled 8 times to get a penalty 18 metres out and kicked for a line-out 9 metres out. Their pack kept the ball and set for a drive; when this went down they recycled tight 3 times then once wide before the Ref. went back to award a penalty that they kicked to touch for another line-out 6 metres out. This time they quickly released to centre where Barnes grabbed a loose ball and kicked ahead. Tonbridge kicked back into the opposition 22 where the ball was marked. The visitors ran the ball wide before 4 kicks were exchanged then play was stopped for a dangerous tackle by a Juddians' forward which received a yellow card at 24 minutes.

The kick from halfway took Barnes to a line-out 19 metres out that was stolen. 3 kicks followed leading to another line-out for the visitors 17 metres inside the opposition half. From this Barnes released wide and recycled twice before passing forward under pressure. Tonbridge got a free-kick at their scrum, the first of the game after 27 minutes and their forwards ran the ball before fly-half Kannemeyer kicked diagonally to touch just inside Barnes' 22. An error after the ball was tapped gave Juddians another scrum put-in at the 22. The visitors wheeled this and an error after the scrum got them possession back and they advanced to get their own put-in near halfway. After it kicks were exchanged then Barnes ran the ball to get a penalty 12 metres into their opponents' half. This was kicked for a line-out 10 metres out. From the line-out Tonbridge defended Barnes' attempt to drive and got a scrum put-in 13 metres out. They soon kicked high; Barnes kicked with the ball going into touch off an opposition player for a line-out at Juddians' 10 metre line. The visitors recycled twice before Williams-Davies chipped through to the line. Tonbridge touched down for a 22 drop-out after which the visitors ran the ball back to the second and this time major incident near halfway. The Ref. conferred with an independent assistant for some time then sent of a three-quarter for a dangerous tackle for the rest of the game. At this time their other player came back on and Barnes had got nothing from their man advantage for 10 minutes. Barnes kicked for a line-out 26 metres out from which they recycled 8 times without much advance before nearly being intercepted; the ball was knocked on by the potential interceptor and this gave the visitors a put-in 23 metres out. They went wide but were soon turned over then gave away a penalty 13 metres out. Tonbridge kicked to nearly halfway then from their line-out recycled close 4 times before Kannemeyer kicked and a defender knocked on giving Tonbridge a put-in 19 metres into the opposition half. After the scrum they recycled tight twice before passing to a spectator at the whistle.

Tonbridge kicked back the restart and forced an opposition player into touch to get a line-out 6 metres into the other half. The visitors stole the line-out and released wide, advancing near the other touchline until the defence forced an error 18 metres into their half to get the first scrum of the second half. From this their fullback chipped through and the opposition ran the ball back recycling a couple of times using the blind side leading to a Tonbridge line-out 15 metres inside their half. From it they released to centre then recycled twice before having a kick charged down; they recovered and kicked ahead; Barnes ran the ball but were soon penalised for not releasing and a very good kick took Tonbridge from 8 metres inside their half to 15 metres from the opposition line. The ball was thrown passed the end of the line and the visitors got it but almost immediately dropped it. Advantage was played and Tonbridge soon got the next put-in 18 metres from Barnes' line. This was stolen against the head; three kicks were exchanged, the last to touch near halfway. Again the visitors stole a line-out and set up a driving maul for 15 metres before releasing to the three-quarters. After recycling once they lost possession at a tackle and Tonbridge kicked ahead. Barnes' fullback Alkin kept the ball and this resulted in a penalty for the visitors 9 metres inside their half that was kicked for a line-out 8 metres into the other half.

From the line-out Barnes used wider ball and recycled 5 times before chipping over into the opposition 22. Tonbridge dealt with this and soon launched an up-and-under that the visitors secured then recycled 5 times before the defence forced an error. Advantage was played and Juddians ran the ball to get a penalty 18 metres inside their half. Another good kick took them to their line-out 20 metres into the other half. From the line-out they set up a drive then recycled close three times before being dispossessed. Barnes cleared to touch 18 metres out then stole the line-out. Kicks were exchanged then the Ref. gave a knock-on that wasn't as agreed by his assistant who can't intervene, but this probably made up for one he missed shortly before. From their scrum just outside Barnes' 22 Tonbridge went wide and the move finished with a line-out for the visitors 12 metres out. At first the ball was kept in then Barnes broke blind before kicking ahead. They got no advantage from a Juddians' error then following 6 kicks they had made progress but passed forward 19 metres into the other half. Before the scrum there were some handbags then after it kicks were exchanged the visitors got the next put-in 14 metres into the opposition half. Tonbridge got a free-kick at that; kicks were exchanged before Tonbridge lost the ball in a tackle giving Barnes a scrum on halfway. Their pack kept the ball in and advanced then broke blind; at the next breakdown the Ref. signalled a penalty and Barnes, with a free-play option, recycled again blind sending wing Riley to the corner after 23 minutes. The conversion just slipped wide.

An error after the restart gave Tonbridge a scrum 20 metres into the opposition half. This time Barnes got the free-kick and chose another scrum. They released wide to get a penalty still 18 metres inside their half that was kicked to touch at the other 22 where the line-out was judged to have been thrown not-straight. From the scrum and a backrow pick ip Juddians recycled twice before chipping over. Barnes ran and chipped ahead; Tonbridge cleared to touch just outside their 22. They forced a turnover soon after the line-out and advanced a bit with 3 recycles to get a penalty 28 metres out. Their kick didn't find touch and Barnes soon kicked back. Now Juddians put together a very good attack; at first the forwards ran and recycled twice then released wide for the backs to break through. The visitors were penalised 10 metres out at 31 minutes and scrumhalf Zanirato kicked the points. Barnes were soon back in the other half but an exchange of kicks result in advantage to Tonbridge and they had the last attack which resulted in Barnes getting a yellow card 30 seconds from the end; Tonbridge ran the ball but Barnes intercepted and put the ball into touch.

100% blue sky, not cold, not much wind and the pitch in good condition.

Quilter Kids First Champions winner – November: Hinckley RFC

Key moments

Try David Riley scores for Barnes
Penalty Gareth Williams-Davies kicks a penalty for Barnes
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  • Tonbridge Juddians
  • Barnes
  • 0
  • David Riley Try 1:00'
  • Gareth Williams-Davies Penalty 2:00'

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