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Barnes 1st XV - Match centre

Bury St. Edmunds
Sat 14 Nov 14:30 - RFU National League - National League 2 South Full time Attendance 79

Barnes had early missed chances then recovered from 18 points down.


Bury’s big pack on a muddy pitch ensured their win.

The game was played on a very soft pitch. Barnes struggled in scrums against a much bigger pack and had several line-outs stolen. Bury's forwards kept the ball most of the game and went blind more often than most teams.

In the first 16 minutes Barnes had almost all the territory and had 3 attacking chances, 2 close to the opposition line and only got 3 points from them. After that Bury dominated the rest of the half and got the first converted try at 27 minutes after staying in Barnes half.

An unforced error not long after the restart gave Bury a penalty that took them to their line-out 6 metres out. Barnes' defence held for 7 minutes before the Ref. awarded a penalty try after 4 scrums at which the visitors had most advantage. This not long before halftime.

Bury's forward pressure got them their last converted try 5 minutes into the second half. Their scrum dominance and line-out stealing continued but got them no more points.

Barnes kicked a second penalty at 9 minutes. They got a penalty try before the end of the third quarter. The visitors’ forwards were tiring towards the end. Bury missed with a not difficult penalty kick with about 10 minutes to go. Barnes had a long-range penalty chance that missed in the last minute affected by the latterly increased wind.



Over cast with light rain through the first half and until 15 minutes from the end when dry. Cool but not cold and not much wind until near the end. Played on a very soft & muddy pitch.

The visitors secured the home team's kick-off and kept the ball tight; after 3 recycles Barnes hacked ahead a loose ball and got to it first. They recycled 5 times to get a penalty 11 metres out not far from touch and opted to kick for a line-out 5 metres out. This was inside 3 minutes. From the line-out their pack drove for the line but the maul started to break up. Flanker Mortimer got over with the ball but surrounded by opposition players and neither the Ref. nor his assistant could see the grounding and the Ref. went back to a previous offence to award a penalty. From a second 5 metre line-out they tried to drive again but were almost immediately penalised for an offence not discovered by the writer. Bury's clearing kick didn't find touch. Barnes ran the ball wide and chipped it into touch 27 metres out on the other side. From their first line-out Bury kept the ball in and got a penalty at their 10 metre line and kicked for another line-out at the opposition 10 metre line. Barnes forced a turnover after the visitors had recycled twice. They went wide then kicked though the line. Bury dealt with this but lost the ball after recycling twice. Next Barnes put together 7 phases before chipping through. Four kicks followed the last giving the visitors a line-out on halfway. An error just after the throw-in gave Barnes the first scrum put-in of the game just before 10 minutes. They were pushed off the ball and the opposition no. 8 Edison broke away with the ball. After 2 recycles another breakthrough took the visitors into the opposition 22. They recycled 4 more times before the defence forced an error and cleared the loose ball to touch at the Bury's 10 metre line. From the line-out the visitors recycled 3 times before Barnes hacked a loose ball to the goal line. A defender just got back to touch down for a 22 drop-out.

A kick into the 22 was marked by Bury then an error gave Barnes the second scrum 15 metres out. The ball was released to their backs then after 3 recycles the visitors were penalised 9 metres out not far from the posts after 16 minutes. Fullback O'Toole kicked the points.

After Barnes kicked back the restart Bury ran the ball back and after recycling once broke through deep into the opposition 22. They recycled 10 metres out and went wide before being penalised for not releasing 8 metres after a tackle by wing Cottenden. The ball was cleared to touch 25 metres out then the visitors stole the line-out. Barnes hacked ahead another loose ball before Bury kept the ball in hand for a very good set of 10 phases getting to 7 metres out and their put-in after a defence knock-on. Barnes were penalised at scrum and the opposition chose another one. Bury kept the ball in but did not advance. They recycled 3 times before being turned over; the ball was cleared to touch at the 22. From the line-out they advanced to 16 metres out where the defence forced an error to get the next put-in. A mistake after this scrum gave the visitors another 12 metres out and from this no. 8 Edison made a very strong break; this was followed by 2 recycles then scrumhalf Marshall got over at 27 minutes. Prop Cook added the conversion.

Bury secured the restart and kept the ball for 2 phases before launching an up-and-under that they regained. They recycled twice then kicked over the opposition. Barnes kicked the ball back before being penalised for a man in front of the kicker 15 metres inside their half. The visitors kicked for a line-out 6 metres out and set for a drive from the line-out. An error gave the defence a scrum 5 metres out, but the pack were pushed back to the line and Bury got another 5 metre scrum. This time the defence held and the visitors picked up at the back of the scrum and tried for rolling maul then released wide to get a penalty 5 metres out and chose another scrum. From this they released wide and put together almost 20 phases before getting another penalty 15 metres out and a man advantage for 10 minutes. Again they chose a scrum; after a second put-in they advanced and when the scrum was wheeled the Ref. gave a penalty try at 37 minutes. Cook added.

There were 6 kicks after the restart until the halftime whistle.

Immediately after the restart there was a Barnes' scrum that resulted in one for Bury. The visitors recycled 4 times before the defence forced another to get the third put-in 28 metres from their line. They were pushed off the ball and Bury put together 9 close phases before lock Walker got over not far from the posts before 5 minutes. Cook added for their final score.

Bury secured the restart, recycled a couple of times then launched an up-and-under that was replied to with another long one. The visitors then kicked to touch at halfway. This was stolen but it immediately resulted in a put-in for Barnes 2 metres ahead. They went wide from the scrum and soon chipped ahead. Bury had a kick charged down and the opposition got the ball and recycled 3 times to get a penalty 8 metres out near the posts and a man advantage for 10 minutes. This after 9 minutes and O'Toole took the points.

Barnes kicked back the restart and Bury ran the ball back strongly making 2 breaks before being penalised at their opponents' 22. Barnes kicked for a line-out at halfway then set for a drive and made ground. After releasing wider and recycling once they got another penalty and kicked for another line-out, now at the 22. Bury stopped the attempted drive; Barnes tried again then recycled close. Counter-rucking got the ball for the visitors who advanced then recycled twice before launching an up-and-under. The opposition didn't deal with this and Bury got a scrum 2 metres into the home team's half. An error forced soon after that got possession back for Barnes who recycled 4 times before they too made a mistake under pressure. The Ref. went back to a previous incident to award Barnes a penalty 14 metres into the visitors' half. This was put into touch for a line-out 5 metres out. The pack set for a drive and a penalty try was soon awarded and another man rested for 10 minutes. This at 17 minutes and O'Toole added.

The restart was kicked to touch near halfway; from the line-out Bury went wide and kicked into the 22. After the ball was marked Barnes tried an up-and-under. The visitors ran the ball for 4 phases before an error was forced to give the opposition a scrum 5 metres inside their half. They kicked long from this and an unusual weak touch kick from Bury resulted in a line-out 28 metres from their line. Nevertheless they stole the line-out then recycled 4 times before kicking ahead. O'Toole saw some disarray and went through the opposition line; after passing, the ball was recycled twice then fly-half Williams-Davies made ground. The ball was recycled once to a forward standing close then once wide and flanker Smyth went over fairly wide out at 26 minutes. The conversion missed.

Bury restarted with a flat kick; Barnes ran the ball then kicks were exchanged. The second one out on the full giving Barnes a line-out 28 metres from the visitors' line. Their pack kept the ball but the defence was good and soon forced a turnover. Barnes dropped the following up-and-under giving Bury a scrum 7 metres inside their half. From it they recycled close a couple of times and got a penalty without having advanced. They kicked for a line-out 9 metres into the other half. It was thrown not straight; Barnes chose another but were soon forced into touch. From the third line-out Bury put together 10 phases mostly tight or close until the defence forced an error to get the ball. Barnes kicked for territory and the ball was run back at them. The visitors recycled once close then once wide before chipping through the line. The result was a Barnes' scrum back where the teams were soon after the previous restart. Bury's pack pushed the opposition back then hacked a loose ball ahead then got a penalty 14 metres out not far from the posts. They kicked for the points after the half-hour but missed.

After the 22 drop-out the visitors were penalised and Barnes kicked to touch 12 metres into the other half. Their pack set for a drive from the line-out and got another penalty a bit further ahead. This was also put into touch just inside the 22 but Bury stole the line-out. They soon kicked then Barnes ran the ball wide before passing into touch 10 metres into the opposition half. The visitors' line-out was thrown not straight; Barnes chose another and kept the ball close recycling 3 times and being forced back 6 metres but getting the next put-in. Bury were penalised at the scrum after pushing their opponents back a bit. Barnes ran the ball and got a penalty 9 metres into the half. With little time left O'Toole was asked to kick for a draw; it was nearly straight on but the wind was stronger now than it had been previously and the kick just faded not far from the posts.

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