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Fancy becoming a Table Rugby World Champion?

2 years ago By Michael Whitfield

As if the 2015 Rugby World Cup wasn't fun enough you can become a world champion at Rugby Football right now...and all for UK Stem Cell

You could become a World Champion with the World Table Rugby Association. People around the country are holding Table Rugby tournaments to raise money for the UK Stem Cell Foundation. The winner of each gets the chance to play in the Table Rugby World Championships

The World Table Rugby Association the organisation popularising the concept of Table Rugby, is rallying the public to host their own Table Rugby tournaments to raise money for the UK Stem Cell Foundation

Each time a Table Rugby tournament manages to raise £50 or more for the UKSCF, the winner can be nominated to play in the Table Rugby World Championships on 1st November 2015, the day after the Rugby World Cup final. Players raise money by paying to enter (the ever-popular pound in the pint glass), or by any other means of fundraising they choose!

The concept of Table Rugby is that anyone, anywhere, can play the game; all that’s needed to play is a coin, a flat surface, and a couple of people who want to have fun. While there is an official size for the table and coin for the championships, any flat surface and a coin (a 2p is perfect) will work. It’s fun for kids and adults alike and can be played anywhere – with the WTRA even promoting a competition for the best picture of Table Rugby played in unusual places.

The UK Stem Cell Foundation was created in 2005 to ensure a speedy transfer of developments from the laboratory bench to the bedside. It does so by directly funding promising clinical projects in UK medical schools, universities and hospitals. This will be achieved by providing support to enable translational research and clinical trials to advance; and by promoting a collaborative dialogue amongst the stem cell research community.

With the Rugby World Cup coming soon to the UK, the UKSCF would like to highlight two projects that could change the future of sports injury:

Bone & Cartilage Repair:
Headed by Professor Brendon Noble formerly of the University of Edinburgh, now University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth. These two related bone and cartilage repair projects aim to derive bone and cartilage-forming cells from two distinct sources – human embryonic stem cells and autologous adult stem cells. If successful, this research could lead the way to new treatments for millions of people world- wide who are affected by conditions such as arthritis and cartilage damage as a result of sports injuries.

Spinal Cord Injury:
Headed by Professor Geoff Raisman at UCL, this project is based on the use of adult stem cells – olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) – which are present in the patient’s own upper nasal passages. Laboratory work has shown that transplants of OECs allow nerve fibres to regrow in the damaged spinal cord. In an initial study, the team has shown that this procedure is feasible and safe in patients with spinal injuries. Having successfully established an in vitro culture system for human olfactory bulb cells, the team is focusing on developing suitable biomaterials to support these cells in the body. The team are now making the preparations to proceed with a clinical trial in London as soon as possible. Around 3 million people are paralysed worldwide due to spinal cord injury.

Go on, have fun and raise the roof and a load of loot for the UK Stem Cell charity right now!

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